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Harvest Moon Festival 9/28 & 9/29 - Presented By Rogue Barrister & Three Angels Brewing

By dionysus

On 15, Aug 2012 | In | By dionysus

Founding Members of Something New

By combining their musical curiosity with old roots and modern forward-thinking acoustic music, the Founding Members of Something New have truly created something new. The band consists of only two members, Kurt Foster and Dustin Stump. Foster is responsible for the intimate songwriting and soulful acoustic guitar, while Stump delivers the driving percussion grooves. The band was founded on the idea of creating organic music that samples nature to create a musical genre that is both pure and truthful.

Without a doubt, the Founding Members of Something New have captured this idea and have turned it into their own musical expression that captures their sound and image. The band is able to create a relaxed atmosphere that allows the listeners to be brought into the emotions and true-life experiences that are expressed in the music. While melodic guitar and enticing rhythms set the stage for many of the bands songs, their ability to maneuver around a vast assortment of musical genres is what truly has made the Founding Members of Something New a complex and well-rounded band that is here to stay.

Kurt and Dustin have been collaborating on different musical projects together since 2001. Their longtime friendship and humble outlook on life is what has allowed them to unite their musical talents and form the Founding Members of Something New. The band digs their roots in the Northern Illinois town of Marseilles. They have been responsible for getting their fans on their feet since 2010. A large portion of Kurt and Dustin’s musical experience has been shared together allowing them to create their cohesive sound that rivals any other full band.

The Founding Members of Something New are mostly known for their live performances but they have also released a collection of albums entitled, Broken Crayons. This unique collection of albums captures the band within their elements, literally. The band has been able to turn nature into their recording studio. Many of the albums, consisting of mostly original music, have been recorded in places such as sandstone canyons or Colorado mountain meadows. Kurt and Dustin draw on nature as their inspiration for many of their songs and the Broken Crayons collection is able to capture that idea.

The Founding Members of Something New represent a new way to listen to music. From their dynamic musical ability to their folk like lyrical storytelling, the band delivers a sound not to be missed. It is 100% organic.

Official Bio Written By Karl Foster

You can visit the official website for Founding Members of Something New at: